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Send a money transfer online to your friends and family around the world with Western Union. Transfer money to a bank account or for cash pickup

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The Western Union Online Service is offered by Western Union International Bank GmbH in conjunction with Western Union International Limited.

Western Union International Bank GmbH, trading as Western Union International Bank is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority (Oesterrichische Finanzmarkaufsicht) and is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of payment services business in the UK.

The Western Union Company is an American financial services and communications company. Its North American headquarters is in Meridian, Colorado, though the postal designation of nearby Englewood is used in its mailing address. Up until it discontinued the service in 2006, Western Union was the best-known U.S. company in the business of exchanging telegrams

Western Union has several divisions, with products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services. They offered standard "Cablegrams", as well as more cheerful products such as Candygrams, Dollygrams, and Melodygrams.

Western Union, as an industrialized monopoly, dominated the telegraph industry in the late 19th century. It was the first communications empire and set a pattern for American-style communications businesses as they are known today